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Course: 1.33
Wartość: 17.4

Real estate in Łomianki


In January 2012 Invista SA purchased right to the coproperty of real estate situated on lot No.271 in mazowiecke voivodeship and has became an owner of 1738/1948 part in property mentioned above. The lot with a of 4,8940 hectares is situated in attractive location in locality of Dąbrowa on Zielona Street across the community of Łomianki 15 kilometers to the center of Warsaw.

The proximity of Warsaw has significant influence on economic and social development of inhabitants of the community as well as on attractiveness properties located within this area. The area of the property is covered with forest but it is not under the management of National Forests. In neighborhood there are vacant lots, areas covered with forest and residential, single-family buildings and whole area of the community is situated in the proximity of the Kampinoski National Park.

The above mentioned property has been purchased for investment purpose.