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Course: 1.33
Wartość: 17.4

Investors relations


Company’s name: Invista SA
Abbreviated name INV
Equity: 43.243.613,01 PLN (as at 31 December 2016)
Share capital: 8.677.194,60 PLN (present)
Number of shares: 14.461.991
    Serie A1 13.161.991
    Serie J 1.300.000
Nominal value:
0,60 PLN
Auditor: Eureka Auditing Sp. z o.o.
Al. Marcinkowskiego 22, 61-827 Poznań
tel. (61) 855 04 49
Quotations market: parallel
Quotations system: single-price system with two auctions
Sector: other finances
Indice: INV
National Business Registry Number (REGON): 016448159
Tax Identification No (NIP): 526-24-83-290
No. in National Court Register (KRS): 0000290233
Address: Emilia Plater Street 14/14-18, 00-669 Warszawa
Telefon: 22) 127 54 22
Fax: 22) 121 12 04
WWW: www.invista.com.pl
Email: invista@invista.com.pl
President of the Management Board: Michał Gabrylewicz

On 5th September 2013 Invista debuted on the Main Market organized by Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Reverse split

On 17th March 2014 National Court Register maintained by the District Court for capital city of Warsaw XII Commercial Division registered increase of nominal value of Company’s share up to 0,60 PLN every share and merge series A, B, C, D, E, E1, F, G, H and I into one serie A1.

Due to increase of nominal value of Company’s shares the total amount of share capital has not changed and amounts to 8.677.194,60 PLN.

After increase of nominal value of Company’s shares share capital of the Issuer is divided into 14.461.991 shares with nominal value 0,60PLN each share, of which 13.161.991 series A1 shares and 1.300.000 series J shares.

Currently all issued shares give the right to 14.461.991 voices on general meeting of the Company.